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Family Doctors

Healing Lives, Nurturing Health

Monday - Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed



Dr. Catherine Marks and Dr. Moussa Faltas, are dedicated to the health and wellness of clients. With over 19 years of experience, we pride ourselves in providing the highest level of care, professionalism, commitment, and knowledge to our patients. We focus on client care and offer customized health care solutions in a comforting and efficient environment. Our aim is to practice preventative medicine so that we can identify medical conditions early and prevent them from becoming more serious problems in the future. We view our clients as partners and our goal is to work together to promote and maintain your health, vitality and well-being.

On site


Open 5 days

a week

Accepting all major

insurance plans

Short waiting


Emergency Appointments 





Flu Shots and TB Tests

Our clinic offers comprehensive vaccination services, including flu shots, to protect you and your loved ones from preventable diseases

Medical Information

EKG and Preoperative Exams

Receive comprehensive EKG and preoperative exams at our clinic. Our skilled professionals ensure thorough evaluations for your peace of mind.

Leg Injury

Immigration Medical Exam

Experience prompt immigration medical exams. Our skilled professionals provide efficient care for your needs. Schedule your appointment today.

Doctor's Clinic

Treatment of Illness, Wellness and Physical Exams

We offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for a wide range of illnesses. Our experienced medical team employs advanced diagnostic techniques to accurately identify your condition.


We accept the following insurance plans

Medi-Cal Accepted Here - Quality Healthcare for All - Book Your Appointment Today!
Blue Shield of California Accepted - Comprehensive Healthcare for Blue Shield Members - Schedule Your Visit Now!
Medicare healthcare program logo, providing essential coverage for seniors and individuals with disabilities in the United States
Health Net health insurance, providing affordable and accessible healthcare coverage for individuals and families
Aetna Insurance Accepted - Comprehensive Care for Aetna Members - Schedule Your Visit Now!
Cigna Insurance Accepted - Comprehensive Care for Cigna Members - Schedule Your Visit Today!
UnitedHealthcare health insurance logo, offering extensive health coverage options and personalized care for individuals and families
Tricare health insurance logo, providing comprehensive coverage for military personnel and their families
Anthem Blue Cross Insurance Accepted - Exceptional Care for Anthem Blue Cross Members - Book Your Appointment Today!
Humana Insurance Accepted - Quality Healthcare for Humana Members - Book Your Appointment Now!
MultiPlan health insurance network logo, providing a wide range of healthcare options and access to a vast network of providers
CalOptima health insurance logo, offering comprehensive healthcare services for eligible individuals and families in Orange County
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